FBI admits Hillary emails found
in Obama White House

Ex-president 'is implicated in her scheme'

Hillary Clinton: Indict Trump anyway

Dems moving toward campaign that Mueller report absolution of collusion doesn't matter

Franklin Graham schools Mayor Pete
on homosexuality

'Something to be repentant of, not something to be flaunted'

'Trump Town!' Netanyahu wants
to name area for U.S. president

Says Israelis 'deeply moved' by recognition of sovereignty over Golan Heights

Dems cheer Bernie calling
Netanyahu government 'racist'

Israel condemns candidate's 'really strange' remark

Border crisis now
'pure invasion that requires military buildup'

Security 'is literally the No. 1 job
of our federal government'

Insider reveals Trump's campaign
to protect Christians

'What you don't know about is what goes on behind closed doors'

Attkisson: 'Russia' 'happened on
Obama's watch'

'His intel officials appear to have been either distracted, conflicted or asleep at the switch'

Omar made U.S. villain
in 'Black Hawk Down'

Lawmaker ended tweet
with '#NotTodaySatan'